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I have been very blessed with the ability of instructing young minds for 14 years.  The majority of my teaching experiences has been teaching at an inner-city school. During that time I was also the lead teacher and a resident educator.  I was also honored to have been nominated as teacher of the year for the district I worked in.

I believe that students learn best in a safe, loving environment. People in interviews would always ask me my teaching style and I would always say the same thing. “It always changes.” As a teacher my students were different from year to year, and I could not approach each class the same way. 

A few examples are that some classes did best in small groups with lots of hands-on-activities, some were better with independent work, and some needed to learn through discovery. Most of the classes I taught had a mixture of these methods along with other ways to reach them. 

One of the first things that was needed was to get to know my students and their learning style. I would then determine what each student might be lacking in knowledge and the skills that were still needed to determine the plan to help them become successful. A plan was then created, and modified as needed.

Knowing my students would also help me develop an academic plan that would fit THEIR needs.  Once I shifted focus to an individualized plan for the year instead of making sure I covered all the curriculum my student growth soared higher than ever.  For many years that I followed this plan my class average was 2 years or more growth and with some students growing more than the average.


“”This was a great resource for our numberline unit.  I loved having the visuals to support student understanding.  This will hang in my room all year.  Thank you for such a great product.”  

Joran W

(Purple and Teal Number Posters and Number Line Classroom Decor)

“I teach a specialized class for students with severe externalizing behaviors and deficits in social skills.  This product is engaging and motivating for my students.  Thank you!”  

Lara H.

(Spring Bugs Non-Standard Measurement)

“My EIP students loved creating holiday pictures by following the numbers.  I love that you gave different counting patterns and that you included the alphabet!”  

(Christmas Dot to Dot)

“My kids loved the sheets.  Thank you!!!”  

Martha V.

(Letters A-Z Bundle of Cotton Swab Fine Motor Alphabet Activity Worksheets)

“Great resource to use in the classroom.  Students really liked to use it.”  Cheyanna M.


“LOVE this!  My classroom looks amazing!  So easy to edit the PowerPoint (™) as well!”  

Kate K

(Sunflower Student Desk Reference Name Plates)

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No, I use safe programs that will process any payments.  I will not have access to any of that information.

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Never, that is your personal information!  Your email will only be used to send free products and information about sales, new products, or important information.  I will try to limit the amount of emails as I know you are busy.

Do you get access to my Google Drive?

No, all of my links will add a copy to your drive and I will not have access to any of your drive.

I am a homeschool parent, will these products work for my child?

Yes, there are many products that will work for a homeschool situation.  If you have specific questions please reach out to me.

Please reach out to me if you have any more questions.

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